Competency Frameworks

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KSA has worked with a range of clients to develop competency frameworks that meet their organisational needs. We provide the expertise and guidance to organisations thinking about putting their first competency framework in place right through to those who want to radically change an existing framework because it has become outdated.

Our approach is a no-nonsense straightforward and practical one. The foundation of any project lies in understanding the organisational requirements of the framework – in other words “what does the client want to use it for?” This is a key question as it will determine the relative size, shape and complexity of the framework.

An effective competency framework can have applications across the whole range of human resource management and development activities. Such as recruitment & selection, training & development, performance management, succession planning to name but a few areas where it has been successfully applied by our clients.

Developing an effective competency framework is a balancing act between over simplifying and over-complicating the process. We work with our clients to get this balance just right!

We are here to hold your hand through what might look like a daunting process and shed light onto seemingly complex processes. Just give us a call if you like to chat things through informally.

“A critical aspect of all frameworks is the degree of detail. If a framework is too broad (containing only general statements about individual competencies), it will fail to provide adequate guidance either for employees as to what is expected of them or to managers who have to assess their staff against these terms. If, on the other hand, it is too detailed, the entire process becomes excessively bureaucratic and time-consuming and may lose credibility.” - CIPD

“Competencies are a signal from the organisation to the individual of the expected areas and levels of performance. They provide the individual with an indication or map of the behaviours and actions that will be valued, recognised and in some organisations rewarded. Competencies can represent the language of performance in an organisation” - CIPD

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